Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 2

Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 2Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 2 – I figured the uneasy feeling was the sounds the old house made.

The sounds of the creaks and squeaks it made because of the age of it.

I entered the attic and turned on the light.

There was stuff piled everywhere and it looked like it had been there for many years.

I started looking around to see what I could find. Dust was all over everything, I should have worn a dust mask. I dusted off a few things and a lot of it looked like it was junk left by the previous owners. But there was some antique looking furniture, I would have to bring it to someone that would know.

I still had that uneasy feeling that someone was watching me. I could feel whatever it was staring at me. But I could not see anything in the attic with me. I looked in a few more boxes and lo and behold, there was a box that contained what looked like civil war relics. This got me excited so I grabbed the box of stuff and packed it out to my truck. So I drove back into town to an antique dealer’s shop and packed the stuff inside.

The shop owner was happy to see me and really happy to see what I found. He started looking through the box and I could tell by the look on his face that this was the real stuff. He couldn’t believe how good a shape the civil war relics were in. They were in pristine condition. The items were; Confederate Money $100.00 Note; Federate Money, $50.00 Note; Confederate $500 Stonewall Jackson 1864 Note; and another Confederate $500 Stonewall Jackson 1864 Note; Civil War .32 Caliber DD Cone Marked Uhlinger Pistol Low Number. Uhlinger’s D.D. CONE marked .32 rimfire pistol.

Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 2

He wanted to know if I wanted to sell any of the items. He said they were all in unbelievable shape. And that they would bring top dollar. He asked if he could keep them and have them authenticated and I said sure. I also asked him if sometime he would like to come out to the old house. So he could look around at all the stuff and see if he could find anything else of value. I told him that I got an uneasy feeling like someone or something was watching me.

He said that he would love to come out and spend the day looking through the attic. He imagined there was more stuff just like what I had brought him today. So I left and went back to the farm. And when I got out of my truck and looked up at the dormer in the attic. There something stood and was staring back at me. I saw it just for a split second. It looked like a man. Was that what was staring at me earlier?

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